WODA Metal Industry Plc. is a communication tower and transmission line tower manufacturer, located in Ethiopia. With over a decade of experience form our mother company located in China, we provide transmission tower and radio mast of many types, including self-supporting tower, guyed tower, and monopole tower. Featuring high strength, great load capacity, and safety, WODA communication towers are your ideal choice for supporting antennas for telecommunications, broadcasting and television, and WODA transmission line towers are ideal for carrying overhead electricity conductors for electric power transmission, etc.

At WODA we understand that high product quality is a necessity to achieve customer satisfaction, so we use only superior iron and steel materials from top ranked suppliers in China, like Tangsteel and Ansteel, and we perform rigorous performance testing of them before using them in our tower production. We also utilize highly advanced production lines and testing equipment, to ensure the performance indexes of all WODA transmission line tower and telecommunication tower follow the applicable standard. Routine inspections of product quality, packaging quality, packaging quantity, etc., ensure that only completely qualified microwave communication tower and electricity pylon are delivered to our worldwide customers.


Competitive pricing is another vital factor in satisfying customers, so we make every effort to reduce our production cost so we can offer the best prices. We use highly efficient production lines and provide regular training to our employees to enhance their skills, which improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost. In addition, WODA transmission line tower, self-supporting communication tower, etc., are specially created to meet clients' specific requirements, so we have little storage costs. Through these efforts, we are able to offer WODA towers at competitive prices, without compromising quality.

Tower parts such as tower sections and tower ladders are also available here.

If you have any electricity pylon or radio tower needs, please contact us at Woda. We are happy to serve you.

Why Choose us

  1. In order to satisfy each buyers' specific demands, we are committed to manufacturing transmission line tower as per drawings and specification provided by purchasers.
  2. Also, we at WODA use steel materials from top-ranked steel manufacturers and we manufacture transmission according to international standards.
  3. Woda transmission line tower is hot dip zinc coated, providing good rust resistance.
  4. Our electricity pylon is packaged in bundles, which makes transportation convenient

Our Products

Manufacturing Power Transmission & Communication Towers
Microwave Communication Tower
Broadcast Tower, TV Tower
Communication cable
Steel strand, galvanized steel strand, hot-dip
Steel core aluminum stranded wire


  • Promote industry development
  • Improve the local production capacity and bring advanced technology
  • Gain foreign exchange income
  • Increase local job opportunities 
Our Company Value
  • High-Quality Service
  • High-Technology Innovation
  • High-Speed Development

 6th Floor of Meti Building, Bole Sub-city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

  • Email: sales@wodametal.com
  • Phone: +251 118229575 

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